Why do accomplished professionals need a coach? Some things are just tough to do for yourself, no matter how successful you are. As a business leader or senior practitioner:
• You may find yourself with no one who can give you honest, unbiased
• You may need an experienced, intuitive third party to offer new ways to look at
  the same old problems.
• You may benefit from a coach’s ability to raise challenging questions and frame
  issues that haven’t yet become clear.
• You may be able to reach your goals more quickly with the support of a skilled
  partner who can assist you to focus on goals, develop plans and strategies,
  and achieve results.

What kind of coaching does Beverly Jones provide?
Bev focuses particularly on executive coaching and the broad range of issues related to her clients’ work lives.

Executive Coaching
Companies and organizations hire executive coaches to foster the development of their key performers, to assist leaders in preparing for new challenges, and to prepare teams to overcome barriers and advance business objectives.

Individuals engage personal executive coaches for partnership and guidance as they develop new professional goals and, to better pursue those goals, as they hone their capabilities as leaders, innovators and fully engaged professionals.

In serving their clients, executive coaches call upon not only their training as coaches, but also their life-times’ experience in management, organizational change and professional development.

Bev’s coaching sometimes extends to a leader’s full team. She may also structure seminars, retreats or other initiatives to support attainment of a leader’s goals.

Work Life Coaching
Work life coaching helps the client identify and overcome career obstacles, move forward on a clear agenda, enhance skills and productivity, and at the same time develop a richer quality of life. While Bev’s focus is typically her clients’ professional lives, she understands that all realms of our lives are related, and renewal in one part of life might lead to dramatic growth in another.

Work life coaching can support:
• Executing Career transitions, including “second acts” for early retirees,
• Becoming more fully engaged or organized,
• Developing new perspectives, better focus, structure or skills,
• Identifying career obstacles and forging strategies to overcome them,
• Improving the balance between work and life, and bringing more fun to both.

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