Professional Services

Bev works with clients to shape projects and develop customized professional services. Among her areas of activity are:

• Leadership challenges and strategies
• Leading complex institutions
• Enhancing productivity
• Managing Transitions
• Leading organizational change
• Planning for a balanced life
• Managing stress
• Improving skills and strategies
• Expanding professional networks
• Building teams & collaborative processes
• Addressing public affairs challenges
• Responding to MBTI, 360 and other instruments
• Coaching to encourage growth & achievement

• Seminars & workshops on stepping into leadership
• Speeches on professional growth
• Coaching training for managers
• Retreats, including at Buckeye Farm

• Strategic planning and goals mapping
• Planning for change in the legal, regulatory and market environment
• Evaluating alignment of missions, tasks and competencies
• Designing internal/external communications initiatives
• Configuring internal and external communication programs
• Enhancing individual and team performance
• Targeted consulting, developed in partnership with other highly skilled
  professionals, to address specific management, marketing and other client

Beverly E. Jones
Clearways Consulting LLC

Buckeye Farm Gardens
Bev Speaking at Ohio University

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