Coaching Structure

Bev works with organizations to design coaching programs that will achieve their goals. For some institutions, like the Organization of American States, Bev not only designs seminars on leadership, managing change and other issues, but also structures one-on-one coaching for seminar participants.

With individual clients, the first contact may be a brief telephone session, which costs the client nothing. Once the relationship is established, most coaching occurs through phone sessions, supplemented by email, and sometimes with face-to-face sessions as well. (Bev’s clients are spread across the U.S. so in-person coaching is not always feasible.)

The basic coaching arrangement involves 3 phone sessions per month, each lasting about 50 minutes and supplemented with email. There are many benefits to coaching through regularly scheduled telephone conferences, including confidentiality and convenience, but Bev is flexible and will build a relationship around each client's needs. For example, phone sessions might be combined with intensive workshops or even group retreats. Fees will vary, according to the client arrangement.

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