Who are Bev's clients?
Sherry Little, former Acting Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration, now a Partner, Spartan Solutions
I got to know Bev through my best friend in 1995, when I was Senior Professional Staff at US Senate Banking Committee and she’s counseled me informally and formally since then. Bev guided me in my decision to leave the Senate and accept a post with the Bush administration, as Deputy Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration. It was a sizeable job and a significant transition because in the Senate, I had a couple staff assistants, a very different role than managing 550 people, ten offices around the country and a $10 billion budget. Bev helped me find the confidence and develop the management skills to do that. And when I became acting administrator of the FTA, her mentoring was again essential as I took command of new skill sets like speech making, articulating my vision for the agency and providing the needed leadership to our staff. Bev reaches beyond promoting leadership and excellent management skills though. She develops her clients’ understanding that it’s not just about success at work. If you take care of yourself and your health and your family and you work on bringing other people up along the way...it makes you a fuller, richer, better person. More than anyone I’ve ever worked with, she knows how to strike that balance and how to articulate it. That’s why I retained her to conduct leadership training and share her knowledge and information with our senior leadership team at the Federal Transit Administration. Now, with three partners, I’m launching my own business, and again, I’ve turned to Bev both for technical advice and her support as an entrepreneurial coach. As a mentor, a coach, a consultant and a friend, Bev Jones has been enormously helpful in the development of my career and, through our shared love of animals and yoga and gardening and family, she’s been, for me, a model of how to combine the work and the life components of a successful professional.
Beverly E. Jones
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Buckeye Farm Gardens
A garden at Buckeye Farm,
site of some of our retreats

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