Who are Bev's clients?
Kassia Yanosek, Private Equity Investor
I started working with Bev in late 2007 and have benefited greatly from her holistic approach to career coaching. Bev challenges me to think about what I want my life to look like multi-dimensionally, not just specifically around my career. I now think more strategically about dealing with obstacles I face in my life and work. In my current role, I have to manage up and I have to manage down....and it’s often a really tough challenge. Our conversations have guided me in identifying and responding to those challenges with an approach that works very well and empowers me. I often challenge my team members to think about their work-life balance in a way that Bev has inspired me to think about mine.
Beverly E. Jones
Clearways Consulting LLC

Buckeye Farm Gardens
A garden at Buckeye Farm,
site of some of our retreats

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