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Bev Jones’ Career Transition
From Corporate Executive to Executive Coach
Noted by CBS Money Watch

In a November 11, 2009, CBS Money Watch, Human Capital column, Kerry Hannon, cited Bev Jones career transition as an exemplar of the value of proper preparation for career transition. Hannon, a columnist for US News and World Report and CBS, is the author of the upcoming book, What’s Next: How to Follow Your Passions to a Fantastic and Fulfilling New Career (Chronicle Books).

Hannon wrote:
“Beverly Jones, a 53-year-old corporate lawyer and vice president of external affairs and policy at Consolidated Natural Gas, accepted a modest early-retirement package. Her second-act plan was to get involved in landscape design, since gardening was one of her passions.

But she soon found that it didn’t make sense as a career choice. As a hobby, gardening was the perfect antidote to a busy career, but the solitary nature of the work made it a lousy full-time gig. She thrived on social contact. The good news: Jones had another skill — mentoring — that met all her requirements for a rewarding second career.” Hannon then described Bev’s decision to formally study coaching at her law alma mater, Georgetown University, and the launch of her firm, Clearways Consulting.
Of the transition, Hannon quotes Bev Jones as saying, “In time, I began to find my own voice as a coach and felt confident I was doing what I was meant to do.”


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