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Wheeler, Claire Michaels, MD, Ph.D.; 10 Simple Solutions to Stress, 2007.

This simply written little book actually describes more than 10 strategies for taming stress. It offers a quick look at many approaches ranging from exercise and careful eating to meditation and a focus on gratitude.

The author also summarizes some of the latest mind-body research and explains just how chronic stress can transform our bodies. For example, she describes how cortisol causes you to eat more, and particularly to crave foods that are high in sugar and fat.

One key suggestion is that you keep a journal for writing exercises and for collecting insights related to your stressors. Another is that you use your journal as a way to emphasize your commitment to managing your stress. Wheeler suggests that you write a contract with yourself. She advises you to open your journal to a blank page, then write – and sign – a statement describing your intention to overcome the stress in your life.

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