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Trafford, Abigail, MyTime – Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life, 2004.

“My Time” is what Washington Post columnist Abigail Trafford has labeled the transition years between 50 and 75. It is a kind of “Second Adolescence,” she says, and an entirely new development stage in our life cycle made possible by bonus decades of good health and vitality.

Trafford not only draws on recent research about adult life cycles, but also offers numerous anecdotes about people who are reinventing themselves in their sixth and seventh decades. Among them are some who are coping with great loss, some who are trying to build a legacy and some who are finding new romance.

Many of Trafford’s subjects seem to be making up for lost time, seeking more purpose in life or searching for greater love the second time around. Some critics have found the book to be inspirational, and you might also. On the other hand, one friend complained that the book isn’t so helpful if you already have enjoyed one great career and now are looking for another or just are seeking new ways to balance your life.

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