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Smith, Hyrum W., The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, 1994.

Smith is the creator of the Franklin Day Planner, and his approach to time management has been embraced by hundreds of organizations.

This book is a little dated in that it doesn’t reflect the many electronic options for managing your calendar. Also, I find Smith’s tone to be too preachy, and I don’t agree that his recommendations rise to the level of natural law.

That said, I still think the book is worth a read if you are exploring ways to get better control of your schedule. Some of Smith’s rules are right on target, including these:

  • You control your life by controlling your time.
  • Plan every day.
  • Align your activities with your priorities and values.
  • Developing good habits is a way to bring your performance in line with your priorities. And,
  • An “urgent” task is not the same as an important task. Infuse your most important projects with a sense of urgency so that they can compete with distractions that feel urgent, like ringing phones and beeping messages.
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