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Rosenthal, Norman E. MD; Winter Blues, Revised Edition, 2006.

Rosenthal, now a professor of clinical psychology at Georgetown University, began suffering from seasonal mood swings when he moved from his home in South Africa to New York City. Every winter, he would find that his energy would drop, and he would start to feel overwhelmed.

Rosenthal began to understand his own condition when he went to NIMH, where he joined the group that not only pioneered an understanding of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but also developed the light therapy that can do so much to control it.

With this book, Rosenthal explains how SAD works, and offers much helpful information about how to address it. The book presents a simple self-test to help you evaluate your own seasonal symptoms, and suggests a variety of methods, including diet and exercise in addition to light-therapy, for helping yourself to feel better.

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