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Pink, Daniel H.; A Whole New Mind, 2005.

In this intriguing book, Pink argues that gone is the age of dominance by lawyers, accountants and software engineers. He theorizes that left-brainers have been in charge since the end of the Industrial Age, but the future belongs to those whose analytic left-brain skills are augmented by right-brain creative abilities.

We are shifting, Pink says, from the Information Age to the Conceptual age. We still need left-brain thinking, but that alone isn’t enough to allow us to compete. The jobs that will stay at home are those requiring emotional intelligence, not just a high IQ or technical skill

Pink believes that the Conceptual Age will be dominated by those who can perform work that is “high concept,” involving artistic and emotional beauty, and “high touch,” reflecting empathy and self awareness. What we need is left brain thinking combined with right brain abilities to create, empathize, see the big picture and find meaning in all that we do.

Much of the book focuses on Pink’s suggestions for fostering our right-brain aptitude and developing “a whole new mind.” For example, Pink says that you may wish to:

  • Take a drawing class,
  • Visit art museums,
  • Learn to tell stories,
  • Join a “laughter club,”
  • Explore techniques for increasing your empathy with co-workers,
  • Play games; and
  • Read books about the meaning of life.
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