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Maxwell, John C.; The 360 Degree Leader, 2005.

According to Maxwell, your influence in greater than you know. No matter where you are in an organization, you can start now to act like a leader.

In his latest book, Maxwell offers succinct principles for practicing leadership. He organizes his recommendations into three categories, divided according to your organizational role. He suggests that you:

  • Lead up by lightening your leader’s load, by being willing to do what others won’t, and by knowing when to push and when to hold back.
  • Lead across by “completing” your fellow leaders, by letting the best idea win, and by getting to know and adding value to others.
  • Lead down by walking through the halls, by transferring the vision, by modeling positive behavior and by developing each team member as a person.
The book doesn’t break new ground, but it’s simply written and offers many useful suggestions about how you can start acting more like a leader.
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