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Maurer, Ph.D., Robert, One Small Step Can Change Your Life - The Kaisen Way, 2004.

With this readable little book, psychologist Robert Maurer introduces the Kaizen approach to management, and illustrates how Kaizen techniques can help you to reach your goals and achieve excellence in your personal life, as well as in business.

The essential Kaizen principle is that many small steps can result in continuous improvement, and ultimately in great change. The idea developed in pre-World War II America, and was taken to Japan and further developed during post-War industrial reconstruction.

Maurer describes many cases where people have overcome their fears and turned around their lives by starting with mini-steps. One of his patients, for example, launched a successful fitness program by getting on her treadmill each morning and just standing there, reading the paper.

The science, Maurer says, is irrefutable: smalls steps can circumvent the brain’s built-in resistance to new behavior. And the same approach, he says, can help you improve your attitude. For example, if you want to get past your festering conflict with your boss, ask yourself daily: what is one good thing about this person?

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