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Hendricks, Gay, Ph.D., and Ludeman, Kate, Ph.D., The Corporate Mystic, 1996.

The authors say that if you want to find a genuine mystic, look in a boardroom, rather than a monastery. They define Corporate Mystics as leaders who operate from a base of integrity, pursue their visions with passion and compassion, and evoke the full potential of those with whom they come in contact. And, they say, Corporate Mystics live from a spiritual base, operating their business for more than just money.

The authors draw on their many years of consulting experience to paint a portrait of a new breed of executive who achieves great success while living a fulfilling and authentic life. According to the authors, Corporate Mystics understand that the first secret of success in business is to say only things that are true and to say them with total consistency.

Most personal or corporate disasters, they say, begin with an integrity problem. “Left untended, like a tiny shimmy in your front wheels, a small integrity problem can escalate quickly to shake loose anything that’s not tightly connected. When things are not going well and you cannot figure out why, assume an integrity glitch.”

If you’re not at ease with the course you are on, the authors say, ask whether you are being authentic with yourself and others, and whether you have broken any agreements.

In addition to telling the truth and fulfilling agreements, the authors suggest these rules for inspired leadership:

  • Take 100% responsibility for any activity you’re involved in.
  • Never gossip or get in the middle of communications between other people.
  • Meditate, or find other ways to set aside time for “daily creative think-time.” And
  • Make a to-do list and update it constantly.
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