Book Reviews and Links Allen, David, Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, 2001.

Consultant David Allen says that you can train yourself to be faster, more responsive and more focused in knowledge work. And with this book he offers specific suggestions about how you can get more accomplished with less effort. Allen is not as dogmatic as many productivity experts, and his strategies feel natural and not overly complicated.

Allen advocates maintaining “Next Actions” lists, to go along with your calendar as you manage your daily activities. He says that your calendar should be used only for time- and day-specific actions and day-specific information.

Allen discusses systems for organizing not only your time but also all the paper, email and other stuff that flows into your office and home every day. Having a total organization system in place, he says, gives you tremendous power because it allows your mind to let go of nagging, lower level thoughts and “graduate to intuitive focusing, undistracted by matters that haven’t been dealt with appropriately.”

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