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Additional Comments from Bevís clients

"Bev immediately saw that the issues I faced extended well beyond the walls of my office. As we worked together, Bev helped me to understand the interconnections between the various aspects of my life. Since I began to work with Bev, my revenues and profits have risen by 30%, but other changes have been even more profound. Iíve lost 40 pounds, I completed a 100-mile bike ride, and Iíve found new ways to achieve balance in the totality of my life."

-- Robert Reich, Alexandria, VA

"It has been my ongoing good fortune to work with Bev. She understands that work is part of our larger life experience. Our work together enabled me to make a career move that fits with the rest of the picture very nicely and, now, to approach the job itself as an adventure, an opportunity to grow. I have never had this much fun at work before!"

-- Susan M. Thomas, senior attorney, Oakland, CA

"Beverly is a professional with proven success and leadership as a partner in the law firm world; and as a seasoned officer of a Fortune 500 company. She has extensive experience in managing complex public affairs, government policy and legislative issues before a wide range of fora and audiences. Managing the issues of professional transition is tricky and Bev brings a high degree of sophistication, experience and emotional intelligence to the challenges. She is thoughtful; discrete; never judgmental; and helps develop the total response to successful professional growth, career transitions and personal development. She develops with you a response that covers your needs both inside and outside the office for the continuing evolution of your career path as a professional."

-- Michael J. Zimmer, senior attorney, Thompson Hine

"Bev's guidance has been absolutely immeasurable over the past several years -- so much so, that I will not even consider a professional career move/change without first consulting her!!! I have received professional advice from others, but count on Bev to provide me with the most thought-provoking observations when I'm considering a potential move. Anyone with a desire to move forward professionally (and personally) in a direction best suited for their talent and skill would do well to look to Bev's valuable guidance and direction. "

-- Gayle Williams, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

"Bev taught me so much...How to make soup, how to be a journalist, how to garden, how to be a feminist, how to weave, how to be a hostess, casual and gracious. She fed me when I was broke and steeled me with courage when I broke down. She was a mentor to me before there was such a concept"

-- Susan Reimer, syndicated columnist, excerpt from column published Sunday, March 5, 2000, © 2000 The Baltimore Sun

"Bev Jones has been a mentor and coach to me, on and off, for more than 20 years. She gave me a strategy for approaching the bar exam that really worked, and she has played a key role in shaping my career since then. Quite simply, I would not have had the great career experiences I've had, nor would I be where I am today, if it weren't for Bev."

-- Dwight Howes, partner, McGuire Woods LLP, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I have known Bev for almost 20 years. While she has many strengths, the one I admire the most is her ability to take a widely-divergent group, coach them through a complicated issue, resulting in a well thought out strategy for moving forward. She has the talent to do this in a manner that gets people to open up, share ideas, disagree with each other in a non-hostile manner, reach consensus, and, in the end, leave feeling and acting like a team. In addition, Bev brings a wealth of experience in federal and state government affairs; a facet of business that is often overlooked when developing a business strategy."

-- Steven Winberg, Vice President, Research & Development Coal Conversion & Power Development, CONSOL Energy Inc.

"Bev helped me to define my career goals, identify the obstacles, overcome them, and get to where I wanted to be. She has an amazing ability to precisely define obstacles and reduce them to manageable tasks. I deeply value her wisdom and perspective."

Andrea Wilkinson, Director, Federal Governmental Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

Bev's business experience and her compassionate listening qualities allowed me to discover my true intentions for developing a business plan. I felt very comfortable expressing my desires, and with Bev's skill at asking the pertinent questions my plan began to unfold. I also enjoyed Bev's knowledge of ways to reduce stress, and I benefited from her ability to suggest books and other information for me to explore.

Ė- Karen Loving is Owner, The Natural Spine, Culpeper, Virginia

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