“I help leaders to redirect and reinvigorate their organizations, and work with professionals to address challenges, manage transitions and find new energy.”

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Clearways founder Beverly Jones works with corporate and institutional leaders to bring greater productivity to organizations at every level. Her coaching and consulting guide professionals as they restructure and energize both their work and personal lives.

Throughout her career as an attorney and senior corporate executive, Bev has engaged in leadership and change management activities. Since 2003 she has developed a respected coaching and consulting practice guiding accomplished professionals in the creation of more rewarding careers and more effective organizations.

Bev’s broad base of current and former clients includes companies and universities, as well as the Federal Reserve Board, Smithsonian Institution, Los Alamos National Lab, Organization of American States and NAS Institute of Medicine. She also works with individual attorneys, wealth mangers, academic leaders, architects and other private sector professionals. Bev is presently Senior Fellow and Strategic Coach for the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University, from which she holds her BSJ and MBA.

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